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Proactive IT Management

Server Bays offers proactive desktop care by monitoring and taking action as soon as a potential problem occurs. This means less downtime for your business, and less frustration for employees.

Our proprietary process automatically monitors your devices and allows our team to notice before something goes wrong. If something is detected at 1am, someone from our team will notice and take action as soon as possible.

Additionally, our plans offer technical support 24/7/365 to you and your staff, we are always here either remotely or onsite at no additional cost.


An I.T. Department Without The Payroll.

Server Bays is the perfect Managed Services Provider for Business, Health Facilities, Education, and Local Governments. We have years of experience with team members having more than 20 years of IT work under their belt. We understand technology is constantly changing and that’s why we read and study about new technologies and threats to keep alert. Most I.T. companies will “set it and go” all too often, in fact, we see it in almost every new client we take on. Computers, servers, and network devices will go months or even years without an update or patch, leaving it vulnerable to viruses and hacking threats.

Our initial network analysis is a deep scan of the hardware and software you utilize day to day. This allows us to build a network map of the devices and from day one have it readily available to make sure we are keeping everything up-to-date. Server Bays also utilizes complex monitoring and logging systems to track all activity. If we see something unusual we will act on it and alert your primary contact. We can even track when most computers are going to fail and replace them before it’s noticed.

In all, we use complex systems to understand your organization and how it works. With technicians from all different industries we are a great fit for you. We also understand certain industries require HIPAA, SP 800-171, and many other compliance factors. Our reporting will show your compliance and track any inconsistencies that may occur.

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