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Ryan Yannelli

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan was destined to own an IT company. When he was just 5 years old, he started taking apart computers that his grandparents found at garage sales. When he was in middle school, he joined the Web Masters Club and that’s where he met Anthony Milazzo, the Vice President of Server Bays. In high school, he created the name Server Bays which was inspired by the place he lived (by the bay) and a server that was up in the clouds. Thus was born the logo. During his high school years, he took a business class where he had to come up with a fake company. He used his real one and started working with some of his grandparents’ friends. His teacher who owned his own company, Bat Buddy, took an interest in Ryan and saw great promise in Ryan’s future. He decided to pay for all of the fees involved in creating an LLC and in December 2014, Server Bays was official. During his college years, he had some paid internships and jobs that utilized his IT talents. Server Bays now is located in an office park and has 9 employees.

So, what’s the secret of running Server Bays in this technology-driven, competitive environment? Ryan says, “We aren’t pushy sales people. We look at options for each potential client and don’t sell them what they don’t need. We offer a free consultation and make sure that we stay up-to-date on all technology. We aren’t going to sell what we don’t use. The technology has to be tried and trusted, and we test everything.”

He believes strongly in partnerships, and has expanded his company to include phone system installations, network solutions, computer installation, remote support, preventative care and custom software.

Anthony Milazzo

Vice President

Anthony started teaching himself website design and programming while he was in middle school. He joined the Web Masters Club where he met Ryan Yannelli, the future president of Server Bays. In high school, he didn’t pursue this passion, but when he arrived at Suffolk County Community College, when asked what he was good at, he stated computers. He was placed in the IT program, for which he was already overqualified, and was switched to Computer Science. He had a 3.9 GPA when he transferred to SUNY at Stony Brook, which he attends now for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Math and Statistics.

While attending school, his father took him to work to Renewal by Anderson, where he did regular maintenance work. It was there that his talent was applied when he created a software program that would automate the customer forms and input, therefore, saving time and energy of just copying data. After a short break from this company, he returned and created a paperless file system that automated packets for installers, with a breakdown of required materials.

So, where does he want to be in 5 years??? “I intend to finish my degree, grow the company, focus on personal growth and continue learning.” When he was young, he saw barriers to owning a business or going to college. Now, he views the world differently and sees open doors and opportunity.

John Ahrens

Senior Account Manager

John maintains relationships with clients or groups of clients. He negotiates contracts and agreements, and handles accounts. He represents the company professionally and enthusiastically. He was born in Blue Point and still lives there. His previous employment was at Vans, where he served as a supervisor. He ran the sales floor, achieved sales goals and for responsible for stockroom/inventory management and oversaw employees. He currently is attending Suffolk County Community College majoring in Business. He is proficient in Microsoft Office and is personable, athletic and a great communicator.

Abu Hayat


Abu Hayat is an experienced programmer which has the ability to find solutions to complex problems. He helps design and develop websites for clients and businesses, utilizing either a development environment for advanced requests, or WordPress for simple websites that match the customer’s needs. Abu uses the following knowledge and skills: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C++, and SQL.

He likes working at Server Bays because of the “laid back environment with kind workers. Jobs require personal intuition to complete.”

Lisa M. Strahs-Lorenc

Communications Director/Consultant

Lisa handles all marketing and branding, online and in person for Server Bays. She has reviewed and added recommendations to the company’s online presence on LinkedIn and Facebook, in addition to new sections on the company’s website. Based on her experience as Marketing Manager of two prior IT companies, and one of the founding members and board members of LISTnet, Lisa understands the challenges of the competitive marketplace, target markets and finding your “sweet spot”. Lisa grew up in Uniondale, received her Bachelor’s Degree at Syracuse University and returned to Long Island in 1979, where she received her Master’s Degree.

She owned 3 businesses, worked at South Shore Mental Health Services, Long Island Works Coalition, Suffolk County Community College, Sanford-Brown Institute and International Student Exchange. “Do what you love you and you will love what you do,” is her motto. She is enjoying being back in the IT world and excited to be working with “young, talented techies.”


Content Writer

Matthias is an aspiring writer and actor who began his time at Server Bays in the winter of 2016, where he was initially intimidated by the long lines of codes and unknown combinations of numbers. But after months of trial and error, and a newfound obsession with all things tech related, Matthias has found a new outlet for creative expression, whether it be through articles for clients or within the code of a website.

He is fascinated by Marketing, Self-Improvement, Leadership, communication, Basketball, and using the Web as a platform for expression. When he is not at the office, Matthias is studying Acting, Journalism, Anthropology, and Web design at Bennington College, where he is committed to single-handedly draining Vermont’s entire coffee supply.