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Our Company

We are a team of motivated, enthusiastic, and hard-working professionals that are looking to make a difference in your business.

Dedicated Experts

We started out of Ryan Yannelli’s basement on December 15th, 2014 and quickly expanded into a 2,000 sq/ft office space in Bohemia, NY that works around the clock. During the beginning of the company, Ryan met Anthony Milazzo, a programming expert that specializes in business software optimization. Together they both saw an opportunity to dominate the web and IT marketplace with the highest quality of service. Anthony was quickly brought on board as a partner in the company.

At Server Bays, we come to work every day excited about a new challenge. Our team works with many different clients, each with their own unique situation. Our goal is to solve their problems with a custom technology solution that works for them. What we do isn’t cookie cutter—it’s a hand-made solution that fits your business. We use our proprietary procedures to come up with an idea that works for you; then execute it perfectly.

Unlike many other companies, we are very upfront about your costs and look to bring you the highest return on investment with no hidden costs and fees. Our pricing structure is clear, concise, and accurate. When you work with us, you’ll notice the quality and effort in our staff. Learn more by contacting us for a free consultation.

We Understand IT

Our founders Ryan Yannelli, President & Anthony Milazzo, Vice-President, both have experience in different areas of Information Technologies.

Anthony Milazzo leads the Development Team and specializes in back-end development of enterprise software solutions.

Ryan Yannelli leads the front-end Web Team and IT services. Ryan has years of experience in implementing enterprise network solutions, web design, server virtualization, and IT infrastructures.

Together they form a team that provides top-end solutions for small to mid-size businesses. Every client receives an excellent experience. You can read testimonials for yourself that showcase our company rated 5-stars on Google.