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Server Bays Managed IT Security Solutions focuses on a comprehensive security plan to keep you protected. Detailed audit logs and 24/7/365 Intrusion Detection Systems (IPS) to prevent against many different types of attacks.

We deploy the appropriate depending on the service plan you select, size of your company, and your organization’s requirements. We commit ourselves to giving you peace of mind navigating the forever changing landscape of the internet world.

Network Assessment

Evaluating your organization’s needs is the first step to any solution, the free assessment we do covers the entire IT & Datacenter environment. We cover the following areas during the assessment of your servers, firewall, and devices:






$1.9 Million Per Breach

Organizations in the US on average lose $1.9 million in data breaches.

70% of Networks At-Risk

It’s estimated that 70% of business networks are at risk.

1 in 4 Businesses Get Hacked

1 in 4 Organizations experience some form of hacking.