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Today’s companies generate more data than ever and the IT industry is already an important factor in the development and success of a business. The cost of associated data storage solutions and backup solutions is affordable and the evolution of technology offers opportunities to do more with less. We recommend that every company should invest in a backup solution, regardless of its size or business line. Our specialists are ready to help you identify the optimal backup solution for data protection and quick access to information in case of an unexpected event.

Storage Security

A backup solution consists mainly of two components: the hardware part and the software part. Hardware is the environment in which backup is made, and the software part is the backup application. In the hardware area, there is a dedicated backup equipment. Some may provide component-level redundancy and may have different data transfer speeds. Most software vendors or virtual machines choose the option of their own backup solutions for the products they provide. Thus, Microsoft delivers tailored backup solutions for every product that it addresses, along with other manufacturers such as Veritas, Netapp, Symantec who have also developed personalized solutions. Computers running Linux have a wide range of backup solutions. Virtual Vmware machines also run with specific backup applications.