Virtualization | Server Bays LLC

Virtualization can help increase flexibility, performance, and extreme cost savings when compared to traditional physical server solutions. Normally you would have a physical server for each service your organization provides for example: email, active directory, phone system, and so on. With virtualization resources are consolidated onto a single environment where they can be adjusted as needed. This saves time, energy, and ultimately money. Additionally, virtualization allows us to create virtual networks where each segment can be isolated into different access groups, ultimately making it more secure.

  • Server & Energy Cost Savings
  • Minimize Downtime
  • Faster Application Deployment
  • Cloud Fail Over
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery

Properties of Virtual Machines

Virtual machines have the following characteristics that offer these key benefits:


Adjust the space your virtual server is using as needed.

High Availability

When physical hardware fails VMs can automatically recover on other hardware.


Save entire snapshots of your VM, recover a server exactly how it was.

Easy Testing

Easily create a copy of a server to run tests on.